The Best Chore Chart in the World

The Best Chore Chart in the World

Unlike any chore chart you've used before. Choremate is a chore chart that actually works.
For anyone in shared living

Whether you're family, friends, housemates, or a housing coop, Choremate is designed for you. Choremate helps you live together peacefully and cleanly.

The best chore chart in the world

Choremate handles assigning and reminding and makes sure commitments are met. Set simple chore rules and Choremate handles the rest.

Made using Nobel Prize winning economics

Choremate uses principles discovered by Nobel Prize winning economist Elinor Ostrom to manage your household fairly and effectively. Read The Best Chore Chart in the World for details.

We all deserve an affordable, clean home

According to the 2018 Census, 37% of American adults live in shared housing. Choremate is made by people in shared housing for people in shared housing.

Choremate is different

I've lived in shared housing since 2012. Living with housemates is great but messes tend to accumulate faster than they're cleaned, and for good reason. Too cheap to pay house cleaners, we experimented with chore charts on a whiteboard for years.

Beginnings of Choremate. Unfortunately, we couldn't find photos of our original whiteboard chore chart.

Eventually our whiteboard chore chart looked a lot like economist Elinor Ostrom's framework for solving the Tragedy of the Commons. It also worked! After a while we wrote software that made the chore chart operate automatically.

After using the software ourselves for over a year we're releasing it for others to use. Hopefully Choremate helps you keep your friends from becoming enemies too.

Keyan Kousha
Maker of Choremate

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